Deep below the pavements of London, roaming the tunnels of the London Underground, there is a man. A man who knows more than you about the Tube. A man who goes by the name of Geoff.

Geoff Marshall (he of Londonist’s Secrets of the Underground fame) is a video guy and all-round Tube expert. When I say he probably knows more about the Tube than you, I ain’t kidding.

Luckily, Geoff is willing to share some of what he knows about London’s underground system with us for the reasonable sum of £10 on one of his Tube tours. We recently joined him on said jaunt and spent three hours hearing hundreds of facts that we never knew we wanted to know, including…

1. Why you should always wait at the very end of a platform.

2. Why a platform at South Kensington sits abandoned.

Abandoned platform at South Kensington station, London

Picture credit: Timitrius on Flickr

3. How to leave a station, and arrive back at the same station.

4. How to avoid the tourists on your change between the Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines.   

5. Where to see the back view of Leinster Gardens.

Rear view of Leinster Gardens, London

6. What’s wrong with this picture.

London Underground Bakerloo Line map at Piccadilly Circus

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