In case you missed this on my Facebook page last week, there is now a new temporary museum open in central London, all about the fascinating and mysterious world of ancient Eygpt.

As reported by Ian Visits, the 2016 exhibition at Two Temple Place is called Beyond Beauty: Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt and covers both the day-to-day lives of the ancient Eygptian people, but also the importance they placed on appearance in the afterlife. We’ve all seen the iconic tombs and extravagant masks that were used to bury their dead; this exhibition offers an intimate look at four millennia of daily life, spanning the years 3,500 B.C. to 400 A.D..

Entry is free and the exhibition is open until 24th April 2016.

Opening times: Mondays & Thursday-Saturday: 10am – 4:30pm; Wednesdays: 10am – 9pm, Sunday: 11am – 4:30pm; Closed on Tuesday

More information: Two Temple Place website

Featured image credits: Two Temple Place / Gordon Baxter on Flickr

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