London’s parks in winter can be a mixed bag. Some lose their edge when the sun isn’t shining, but some flourish into a serene – and equally gorgeous – haven for the stressed-out and over-worked. If you can brave the weather, that is. Avenue Gardens in Regent’s Park falls into the latter of these categories.

Hedges and flower beds in Avenue Gardens in Regent's Park, London

Located at the Great Portland Street end of the park, the gardens are made up of a smattering of open spaces combined with quiet corners among the carefully-curated hedgerows. The result is a stunning place to relax and forget, at least until the sun goes down.

The main path through Avenue Gardens, Regent's Park, London

And if you’re trying to place the particular quiet corner below, that’s because it served as a backdrop for a scene in The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth and the incredible Geoffrey Rush.

A true gem.

Nearest Tube: Regent’s Park or Great Portland Street

More information: Visit the Royal Parks website.