This is a guest post from Nick Roseblade.

When I initially moved to London, this was one of the first places I stumbled across. At the time I was living within walking distance, so it was never going to remain hidden for long. What struck me was how tranquil it appeared to be.

As I sat on one of the many park benches that lined the boulevard, I could see dozens of peoples and families enjoying the park, but the noise they were making hardly reached my ears.

This is a perfect place for people-watching, be that people playing tennis/football one side, croquet/lawn bowlers on another side, or cyclists and joggers that revolve around the outside of the park.

Over the years I’ve returned to this place on a regular basis, and each time I’m struck by feelings I first felt. No matter what is going on in my life, I know that once I reach those benches all of it will fade away, if only for a few moments, and a sense of calm will descend over me.

Your inner monologue is broken only by the sound of children at play, or the thwacking of croquet mallets and balls.

Nearest Tube: South Ealing

More information: See the Ealing Council website

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