You might have tried knitting and even relaxed with a colouring book, but when was the last time you sat down and painted a picture?

Like most people in their early 30s, I can’t remember painting anything besides a wall since secondary school, so it was with some excitement that I headed down to Popup Painting at the Red Lemon pub in west London to fill a canvas with my own personal brand of haphazard art. Luckily for me, you don’t need any previous art experience to take part: it’s just about having some fun and trying something new.

Popup painting in London

The finished article

Popup Painting is not an art class – the organisers (all artists themselves) prefer to call it a art entertainment experience – and it was a very informal and fun. We were given Chloe Bruce’s London skyline to copy – and of course the paints, canvas and brushes with which to copy it – but everyone is free to do whatever they like with the colours, or even paint something completely different if they choose. As well as set themes such as Banksy, pop art and Van Gogh (complete with themed music in the background) painters have been known to have a go at everything from dragons to boats.

Interested in creating your own Popup work of art? Read more and find an event at

I found Popup Painting event through Thinking Bob, my favourite London-based socials company (who also got us a discount). Find out more about them at the Thinking Bob website.

Popup painting with thinking bob in London

Me and my fellow Thinking Bob-bers get stuck in