This is a guest post by Aftab Pathan of Fresh And Fearless. Featured image by Mike Rolls on Flickr.

I love living the city life: the fast-moving days, the hustle and bustle of office workers rushing to their 9-5 jobs, the late night shopping, the Metro guy yelling for people to take a paper and commuters running to get the Tube home. A special place, however we all need that peace and tranquility to keep sane in such a place. It can’t be all work and no play.

Where is my little peace of London? Primrose Hill.

Why? Well, the answer is simple. Walking through Regent’s Park is the most peaceful, refreshing, mind cleansing and stress-relieving thing. Watching kids playing, dogs chasing sticks, couples walking hand in hand, with a fresh oxygenated breeze being provided by the overcast of lush green trees.

Primrose Hill, London

Picture credit: Aftab Pathan

It’s like starting off a journey. You admire your surroundings along the way with an eager excitement to reach the end, the destination. That’s what I find myself doing, leaving the best until last. Coming out of Regent’s Park station, taking my time strolling through, headphones in my ears with a slow pulse of music energising my soul. Walking over bridges, passing floating restaurants and the spectacular London Zoo, eventually reaching Primrose Hill.

I’ve taken many people to Primrose Hill, because I want them to experience what I feel every time I go there. They start off thinking, “This is just a hill?”, but I overlook their comments and ensure they walk to the top. The next thing I hear is “WOW!”. They are experiencing that soul-freeing feeling. Yes.

Primrose Hill

Picture credit: Aftab Pathan

The hill isn’t just there for its beautiful view on London’s skyline: it’s also an opportunity to sit with a book under a tree during the winter time, wrapped up top to bottom, snuggling into your scarf or for an alfresco fine wining picnic and a good old catch-up during the summer months.

That’s my peace of London.

Until next time…

Aftab Pathan | Fresh And Fearless

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