We all habitually depend on our phones (admit it, you do). Phrases like ‘Download our app’ and ‘Find us on Facebook’ are now so irritatingly common that we zone them out.

So, every so often, it feels good to break the habit and step away. And that’s where the Silent Reading Party comes in.

No, it’s not a book club – rather an hour-long detox and a chance to read any book you like, uninterrupted, in some good company. Once the hour is up, a social gets underway – you don’t have to talk about the book you’ve just read, although it’s a good ice-breaker.

The concept is already popular in New York and, with the help of Rhoda Idoniboye, London gets a chance to experience it too.

Rhoda says: ‘It’s a return to the focused reading habits of yore, before Google, smartphones and social media chipped away at our attention spans and got under our skin.

‘Reading like this apparently has numerous benefits. These include improved concentration, deepened empathy and reduced stress levels amongst other things.’

Sounds good to me.

London’s Silent Reading Party normally takes place in the Garden Room at The Ivy House (40 Stuart Road, London SE15 3BE) in Nunhead, about once a month. Check the Facebook page for exact details.

It’s free too, and you’ll get a pie and a pint for £10.

Book your place: Visit Silent Reading Party London on Facebook

Contact: Email rhoda@goodeggcomms.co.uk, message via Facebook or tweet @rhoda_idoniboye.