When I am old and grey, I will spend my remaining days working in a charity bookshop.

Secondhand book shops are all very well (Skoob Books being, of course, the best in London) but, for me, charity book shops have an edge.

Maybe it’s the lack of pretension. Maybe – even in London with its pop-up bars and cereal cafes – charity book shops have nothing to prove. Maybe it’s the feel-goodness. Whatever it is, they remain one of the quickest and happiest ways I know to switch off.

So you can imagine my joy at finding the lovely Trinity Hospice book shop a mere 10 minutes from my office in High Street Kensington, during a recent excursion to the post office.

The shop itself is small, peaceful and unassuming. It sits far enough away from the main high street to escape the ferocious noise and, as per usual with the best book shops, the staff will leave you alone to browse. A wall of fiction sits on one side while everything from history, travel and biography lines the rest of the room. In the window you’ll find first editions and vintage classics for £10-25.

And perhaps it’s the layout or maybe even the upmarket location, but the stock is remarkably varied for such a small store. I walked away with The Oatmeal‘s ‘5 Very Good Reasons To Punch A Dolphin In The Face’ (an awesome book and nothing to do with hurting dolphins, I promise you), a Katherine Hepburn biography and an illustrated version of Warning.

It’s cheap, too. When you can get three gems like those for a total of £6.50, you can’t go wrong, can you?

Yep, charity book shops are the future.

Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington

More information: Visit the Trinity Hospice website